Documentation Engineer – Gift Real Estate PLC


Gift Real Estate PLC

Gift Real Estate P.L.C. is one of the core businesses of the Gift Business Group.  It has been working in the house construction (real estate) business for more than 8 years. In these years, it has become popular and reputable for being fully committed to fulfilling its Customers’ dreams by providing the most habitable homes constructed at the convenient locations of the city. The client’s best interest is always the utmost importance for Gift Real estate PLC. Our sister companies are GIFT trading, GIFT Construction, GNM industries and GIFT Building materials.

  •  Have  clear understanding of the purpose of the documentation to be prepared
  • Able to produce effective written materials so that he/she need to have good written communication skills.
  • Design skills are essential so that he that he can produce visual images as part of his/her documentation.
  • She/He needs to be capable of using computer design software