Operation and Maintenance Manager (OMM) – Kabribeya Water Utility- UNICEF WASH-Jigjiga

Engineering, Maintenance

Kabribeya Water Utility- UNICEF WASH-Jigjiga

Job By Kabribeya Water Utility, Somali Region, Kabribeya Town

The Kabribeya water supply system is characterized as a large water supply system with boreholes, main bulk supply pipelines with various infrastructures along the routes of the lines. There are also reticulation networks to provide water to both the Kabribeya refugee camps and the host community.The KWU intends to recruit a qualifiedOperation and Maintenance Manager (OMM).

Scope of Work:

The OMMwill work to develop efficient and effective management of the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the water supply system for providing potable water.The water supply scheme targets 100% access to water supply for all people in the host communities and the refugee campsofthe Sheder and Awbare Town’s. The OMM facilitates the efficient and effective operation and maintenance of the supply water at affordable price and acceptable quality.  He/she is expected to grow water production and distribution, profits and increasing return. 

The OMM reports directly to the General Manager (GM)of the Awbare Water Utility (AWU).

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

The specific duties:

  • Ensureswater is produced and distributed effectively and efficiently to clients.
  • Ensures the implementation of the water operation systems, strategy, policy and procedures.
  • Administersand managesthe operation and maintenance department’s staff to plan their activities and finances; as well as control the budget and optimize expenses.
  • Ensures the water supply scheme to be efficient and effective to supply water at affordable price and acceptable quality.
  • Ensures goals for growth and sustainability is in place.

The responsibilities:

  • Plans, organizes, and directs the overall operation and maintenance of the water supply system.
  • Supervises and implements scheduled planned preventative maintenance.
  • Supervises an efficient maintenance operation, which can keep the system in working order.
  • Records and documents all work carried out on both paper and electronic systems as required.
  • Understands and works in accordance with mandatory health, safety, and environmental requirements.
  • Develops innovative solutions to problems.
  • Ensures key performance Indicators (KPIs) is met by careful planning and programming of tasks.
  • Leads the team and other department members to keep to effective maintenance strategies, procedures, and methods.
  • Effectively leads the department to ensure smooth workflow with maximum output.
  • Prepares the annual budget and manages and controls expenses on the approved budget.
  • Provides management reports on equipment performance on a regular basis and share ideas to improve operation, recommending, supporting, and implementing continuous improvement

Qualification and Experience Requirement:

  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering
  • At least six (6) years for BSc degree holder or three (3) years for a master’s degree holder; of which 2 years’ experience working in management and experience in a senior position.
  • Work experience on water supply pumps, generators, and motor control center’s is advantageous.

Skills Required

  • Supervisor/managerial skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Technical and report writing skills.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


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