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VisionFund Micro-Finance Institution S.C

VisionFund Micro Finance Institution (S.C) previously known as Wisdom Microfinance is an Institution established to provide financial services to the productive poor in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia. VisionFund MFI brings its wealth of experience of being in the industry for more than two decades to design different loan and saving products that address the needs of the rural and urban low-income families. Currently, we are operating in more than 112 branches in five regions of Ethiopia.

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 About the Organization: Vision Fund Micro Finance Institution (S.C) is an Institution established according to proclamation No. 40/96 which currently amended to 626/2009 to provide financial services to the productive poor in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia. Vision Fund is currently operating in five of the Regional States of the country.

Vision Fund MFI is currently looking for candidates for Attorney I role. The successful candidates will have skills and experience that meet the following requirements:

3.       Major Responsibilities

·  Assists the Branch staff in handling all issues related to collateral & the safe custody of all legal documents on real estate mortgage & chattel mortgage;

·  Assists in registering & discharging mortgaged items;

·  Ensures the safe custody of all legal documents on reale sate mortgage & chattel mortgage;

· Draws up draft contracts, agreements, forms, letters of guarantee and other transactional documents, etc. that suit a specified purpose;

· Examines judgments & court rulings; analyzes their impact on company business & advises supervisor on approaches to be followed;

· Gathering facts and establishing evidence, conducting investigations, examination analyses of cases and preparation of contracts and claims;

· Ensures the proper & timely delivery of notices to delinquent clients.

· Investigates & takes proper legal actions to rectify theft, forgeries & misappropriation of funds & property;

· Complies & analysis information & statistics that would assist in carrying out court activities & provides legal advice & assistance to the branches in legal matters of limited complexity and gravity & in translation work of legal documents.

Looks into and analyzes law sources such as statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles and codes to prepare legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, appeals contracts for review, etc.

· Prepares, cases, pleadings, suits, statements of claims, petitions, defenses, affidavits in the name and on behalf of the institution;

· Represents the branches before all levels of courts of law including police stations & public authorities;

·  Submits a written report to the branch & HO legal & Recovery Manager on the status of cases filed at court with collections made through court action

4. Qualification and experience Requirements

·         Diploma in law & minimum 2-years relevant experience

·         Local language knowledge, communication skill & computer skill is advantageous.

·         knowledge of civil & commercial codes & analytical   

As per the Institution salary scale