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Founded in 1971, FH Association (“FHA”) incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland, operates programs in over 18 countries throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Food for the Hungry (FH) was founded by Dr. Larry Ward based on a simple premise, “If children died one at a time, I can help them one at a time.” Currently FH operates in more than 20 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

While we collectively refer to ourselves as “FH”, international staff should be aware that there are additional “Food for the Hungry” organizations in other countries that also trace their lineage back to the same founder, Larry Ward, in 1971. They collectively call themselves “Food for the Hungry International” or “FHI”. FHA and FHI cooperate on projects together but may not share common governance.

Values: The Heartbeat of FH

Value 1—We follow Jesus. We are ambassadors of Jesus in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Value 2—Our work is relational. We pursue reconciled relationships as a result of grace with

those with whom we work, partner, and serve.

Value 3—We invest wisely and focus on results. We are stewards in God’s Kingdom and strive

to invest all resources to maximize missional impact.

Value 4—We serve with humility. We recognize the dignity of others and put their interests

above our own.

Value 5—We pursue beauty, goodness and truth. In a broken world we are witnesses through our relationships and work of God’s beauty, goodness, and truth.


All forms of human poverty ended worldwide


Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from


Following the 1984 drought induced famine, FH started its operations in Ethiopia by providing food and non-food aid to the famine victims in Northern Ethiopia, and then engaged in sustainable development and humanitarian response activities in Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Oromiya, Sidama, SNNPR and Tigray Regions, sustainably graduating millions of people from poverty and responding to human suffering in Ethiopia ever since.


Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. Towards this end, FH engages communities on:


§  FH Focuses on increasing access and improving the quality of education in rural and urban settings. We build school facilities including libraries and provide required supplies to attain the goals.

§  FH provides school supplies and dignity kits to the most vulnerable children.

§  FH also address early childhood development (ECD) by building required infrastructure, and availing appropriate furniture and supplies.

§  FH builds the capacity of teachers both in schools and ECD centers in partnership with school communities and education offices.

 Natural Resource Management

To protect and rehabilitate degraded environments FH is engaged in:  

§  Water and soil protection through physical and biological means

§  FH has planted an average of 20 million seedlings each year in which 144,562 Public Work beneficiaries were involved to plant seedlings on 74 watersheds. In doing so, an estimated 1,200 hectares of land were covered.

§  Nearly one million coffee, fruit and multi-purpose tree seedlings are raised and distributed every year to household farmers to increase income.

 Health and Nutrition

Current Health and nutrition program aims to-

§  Improve maternal and child health and nutritional practices among women of reproductive age groups and children under two years age

§  Improve access to nutritious food

§  Improve hygiene and sanitation through developing WASH infrastructure and promotion of community led total sanitation

§  Health system strengthening and

§  Responding to emergency health outbreaks and pandemics

 Income Generation and Food Security

§  Construct small scale river diversions and hand dug wells for irrigation at household level

§  Provision of finance for Rural Saving and Credit Cooperatives for easy access of loan to the rural community

§  Cash transfer to the targeted families as a startup capital for small animal raring, petty trade, fattening … to build their assets

§  Organizing and train Self Help Groups, Youth Groups and Water User Groups to boost their economic benefits

§  Introducing Conservation Agriculture both as a food security means and environmental protection

Emergency response

§  Commodity and cash transfer with two objectives:

o   Meet emergency food needs of transitory food insecure populations; and 

o   Protect assets of targeted households (HH)

§  GBV Response & Mitigation

§  Emergency Seed Distribution

§  Emergency WASH (shower, latrine, water system, NFI’s)

§  Emergency Shelter NFI Response 

 FH Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities. At FH, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call the “The Heartbeat”. This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. FH Ethiopia would like to invite potential internal and external candidates to apply for the following position: 

Position:                                 Gender and Protection Officer

Duty Station:                         Kobo, North Wollo

Duration of Contract:          Eight months contract

Salary:                                     As per the salary scale of the organization

Closing date:                          April 10, 2022


Principal Responsibilities

·         Conduct gender analysis/situational assessment to identify major problems that require attention to address immediately in IDPs

·         Collect primary and secondary gender disaggregated data in targeted woreda and specifically in the project targeted communities

·         Map the service provider organizations in the woreda to know their exact location and their responsibilities in order to create link and get timely services for GBV survivors

·         Awareness creation for all IDP/ community on gender and related issues including GBV and enable women and girls know their right to participate on protection activities

·         Build the capacity of the community and stakeholders those are responsible to work with IDPs like Women and children Affair’s office, youth development office, legal offices and women associations on gender-based discriminations, gender bias and others

·         Ensure that project activities are gender sensitive and done with equity

·         Participate in needs assessment conducted in the woreda

·         Establish linkage with other consortium members operating in the woreda

·         Identify technical skill of youth and provide trainings based on their need to enable them benefit from the interventions to support themselves economically and psychological capacitated and being confident

·         Organize trainings for staff, community partner organization’s staff on GBV, protection and related issues for quality services

·         Create awareness on complaints mechanism and manage feedback and complaints mechanism

·         Conduct periodic review on gender and protection and assess barriers on protection risks faced by women and girls

·         Develop monthly and weekly activity plans to monitor the implementation process and collect monthly and weekly reports from the staff

·         Prepare and submit report to country office

·         The Gender Officer is responsible for gender mainstreaming and proactive technical support to the organization.

·         S/he will work with all partners to ensure that gender equity principles are incorporated into all activities.

·         S/he will plan, implement and follow up on gender-related activities and provide support to , partners and grantees on mainstreaming gender in their programs and activities, including design and implementation of trainings on gender-related topics.

Provide support, training and technical assistance to the partners on gender and related topics

Safeguarding Policy

FH strives to provide an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment in all places where relief and development programs are implemented. FH holds a zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. FH expects its employees to maintain high ethical standards, protect organizational integrity and reputation, and ensure that FH work is carried out in honest and fair methods, in alignment with the FH Heartbeat and safeguarding and associated policies. Violations to stated policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Gender Responsibility

⮚        Be aware of the stereotypes about women’s and men’s capacities, and discuss how they influence staff, in assigning responsibility, and in managing resources at unit and organization level.

⮚        Be able to describe how gender issues relate to one’s job responsibilities and how gender equity can be promoted through the execution of those responsibilities.

⮚        Be familiar with the local Gender Focal Point(s), and go to her/him to learn more about gender issues, or when there is a gender grievance or harassment issue to resolve

⮚        Within each project and department, discuss FH’s Gender & Diversity and Sexual Harassment and sexual exploitation Policies, so that all staff are conversant with them.

⮚        Refrain from any comments or gestures that indicate prejudicial views of female staff, especially female supervisors.

⮚        In each Project and Head Office, ask women staff what changes would make it more “gender-friendly”, organization and implement the recommendations

Safety & Security Responsibility

⮚        Each FHE staff member should adhere to all pertinent policies concerning safety and security policy of FH. Lapses in safe conduct can jeopardize the health and welfare of all staff.

⮚        Every FHE staff member has an obligation to learn and understand the security situation where they are located. 

⮚        Each FHE staff member should adhere to all pertinent policies concerning safety and security.  This includes, but not limited to, personal safety, road safety, etc.

⮚        Has a responsibility to become familiar to social, cultural and other associated features of their duty stations;

⮚        Abstains from inappropriate or offensive behavior that can put FHE in a difficult position, impair operations, and jeopardize the health and welfare of all staff of FHE.

⮚        All FHE staff should promotes safe conducts and exercises caution in all work activities; staff should accountable for own personal and professional actions and conduct;

Job Level Specifications.

⮚      Full agreement with FH’s Christian foundation and beliefs as expressed in The Heartbeat: our Values, Vision, and Purpose.

⮚        Strong Interpersonal skills,

⮚        Emotional maturity,

⮚        Political neutrality,

⮚        Cross-cultural Sensitivity,

⮚        Ability to work effectively under pressure

⮚        Good documentation skills.

⮚        Ability to plan and organize work to meet individual, team and program objective.

⮚        Training and facilitation skills

⮚        Ability to effectively liaise with government, NGOs, community leaders and other stakeholders.


⮚        At least 3 years in similar or related positions


❖         BA is Social works, Sociology

Distinguishing Competencies

❖         Excellent organizational, coordination, communication and interpersonal relationship skills required. .

❖         Computer literacy in Excel, Ms.-Word;   


Proficiency in spoken and written Amharic and English required; 

As per the salary scale of the organization