Retention,Security, Site Managment Manager –

Legal, Telecommunications

  • Handle all problems related to owners, tenants, neighbors or any other entity
  • Generate full sites data base, and  logs for problems history
  • Follow any issue with existing or removing or damage for power meter with the necessary governmental and provide temp solution  till the power meter issue is resolved
  • Facilitate the access of Sites and negotiate all requests with the owners.
  • Follow the issuance of the final permits  for all the network sites including the newly injected sites in the network.
  • Handover with the ROT to receive the newly injected sites
  • Control  annual contracts renewals and Guarantee that all the contracts requirements
  • Follow the insurance process with all related documents
  • Responsible to  Keep a detailed log system against any change wheatear physical or through the NOC including Planned intervention & illegal intervention & log intervention.
  • Education and Major

    • Bachelor Degree.
    • Major law or relative areas.

    Professional Knowledge

    • Maintain an excellent level of relations with the concerned governmental entities and authorities.
    • Create the “owner index”, the function main objective is to raise the sites’ owners and guards loyalty.
    • keep the security index of all the sites on  throughout the contract duration, and Site’s Location.
    • Control all the sites intervention process. 
    • Automated Database.
    • Guard Audit
    • Security Management

    Business Skills

    • Issuing the investigation report for stolen cases
    • Handle all guard expenses End-to-End such as hiring, payments, renewals and  regular inspections with subcontractor
    • Issuing the police report for stolen cases and got the hard copy
    • Governmental relations
    • Police report
    • Insurance documents
    Project Experience 
    • More than 3 years of working experience  operation and maintenance of telecom network with technical,  leader, and Managerial capability.
    Skills or Certificate Requirements
    • Microsoft Tool (Excel/Word/Power Point, PDF).
    Language Skill: English
    Other requirement

      • Self-motivated and able to successfully work within a team environment.
      • Initiative and creative mentality 
      • Can travel frequently.