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Abbahawa Trading Private Limited Company, founded in 2006 by the name derived from the grandfathers of Hawas father or family name which was engaged in a domestic coffee trade for more than five decades.At present we are using three washed and three unwashed (sun-dried) coffee preparation areas owned by our sister company. All the plants are located in Borena, Gujji and Yirgacheffe areas, where most known areas for quality coffees were produced from the farmers to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX).Since the establishment of the company, we have handled 6000 tones on average washed and unwashed coffee beans , making it a top tier participant in each of its core businesses. We have supplied and exported coffee beans to Japan, Europe, Middle East and USA. We store the export destined coffee at our Coffee processing & warehousing that meets the best recommended coffee warehouse storage requirements. The warehouse is built with the state of the art technology having proper ventilation system.We principally pack coffees in a standard 6okg food grade jute bags. Abbahawa Trading PLC has recently issued a flexible intermediate bulk container packaging shipment in a loose enclosure inside.Abbahawa Trading Company is a global commodity trading and processing company focusing on coffee in a major producing country. Operating a milling (4 washing, 4 unwashed sundried) and a drying special preparation station sites for semi washed or red cherry held by its sister company. It has the capacity of 1300, 1500 and 500 tons respectively. All are located in Borena, Yirgacheffe and Gujji zones.And also we have our own coffee processing and cleaning machines with a capacity to facilitate for export standard coffees which is around 30,000 metric tons yearly including bulk packing blower, coffee roasting and grinding machines which has a capacity of 240 kg per batch and two warehouse 5 km far from main office built up on an area of 4500m2 for the purpose of coffee storage with a total investment of $5 million dollars. Permanent & Contract Number of Employees Administration: 52Technical Employees: 20Contract Employees: 21Total: 93

Abbahawa Trading plc invites qualified and competent applicants for Insurance Management officer positions.

Place of work: Head office


  • First Degree/Diploma in Management or related field of study from a recognized University.

Relevant Minimum work Experience

  • 2/4 Years of related experience