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Shabelle Bank


Shabelle Bank is a fully licensed Commercial Bank in Ethiopia to conducts all its operations under the principles of Islamic banking. Shabelle Bank started its journey as a microfinance institution in 2011. It subsequently secured the banking license to serve its client better, by offering ethical financial products. With the mission of Enabling Growth and Enriching Lives, the Bank reaches out to its customers through a growing network of branches in Ethiopia.

Customers can also benefit from an array of customer conveniences such as Internet & mobile banking, debit cards with SMS alerts, online account opening, 365-day banking, Saturday banking, extended banking hours, 24×7 cash deposit machines, and banking units exclusively for ladies.

  • Sufficient clerical, bookkeeping, and administrative cash-handling experience
  • Ability to maintain a balance of large bulk of currency constantly.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information, thereby safeguarding the bank’s integrity.
  •  Ability to execute assigned duties effectively with a proper understanding of both verbal and written directives.
  • Ability to tolerate stress.
  • Adequate customer service orientation and experience.
  •  Establish an exciting and welcoming affair for prospective clients upon entering the bank.
  • BA Degree in Accounting, Economics, Management or Related fields.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Branch operation in the Banking industry, of which at least 1 year as a cashier.



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