Plant Manager – Yhaenu PLC

Engineering, Manufacturing

Yhaenu PLC

YHAENU plc is a certified import, export, and transport company. we have been exporting different kinds of oilseeds and pulses like sesame seeds (Humeral type, wollega type, reddish), Niger seeds, green mung beans and others. We also import different construction machineries including dump and cargo trucks, pick-ups, tyres reinforcement bars.

The reinforcement bars we import from across the globe are corrosion resistant and strong. They are suitable for Ethiopia’s budding construction sector. YHAENU Private limited company is known for its trustworthiness in the international arena.


YHAENU carton factory wants to hire professional employee full time  based on  the following measurement

Quantity: 1

Qualification and educational back ground

  • BSC in pulp and paper technology/chemical engineering/mechanical engineering


  • 25 year, out of this 15 year in manager level/responsible position  in manufacturing factor and priority will given to one who work in carton factory

As per Organization Salary Scale


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