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Consultancy and Training, Human Resource and Recruitment, Management

Soufflet Malt Ethiopia S.C.

The Soufflet Group is a French family-owned business based on collecting and adding value to agricultural raw materials. France’s top private cereal collector, the Group is also a major player in supplying inputs to farmers cultivating various field crops and wineyard. In barley, it is a front-rank world player on the malt market with 28 malt plants in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, located at the heart of the barley producing regions.

Varietal selection, seed multiplication, choosing the best quality barley for its malt plants and the precision of its manufacturing process all enable it to produce the finest malt for its brewer customers. It has started its operaion in Ethiopian in 2017 and is setting up a manufacturaring unit and the associated value-chain


The Soufflet Group is a French family-owned business which is collecting and adding value to agricultural raw materials through industrial milling and malting among other activities.

In malting, it is a front-rank world player on the malt market with 28 malt plants in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, located at the heart of the barley producing regions. For more information:

Soufflet has started its operation in Ethiopia in 2017 in the barley supply chain and has commissioned its malt factory in Addis Ababa in April 2021.

Soufflet aims to source/buy 100% of its raw material locally which represents 80 000 tons per year.


In our journey to build a winning and productive team we are looking for a qualified HR Business Partner to oversee all human resources operations and ensure they’re aligned with our business goals. Our ideal candidates should have solid experience with HR practices and employee management.


The Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) main mission will be leading the execution of company’s objectives to develop and maintain its’ human capital assets. HRBP will be the front leader in executing Learning & Development, Organizational Change and Performance Management, employee engagement and recognitions agendas of the Soufflet Malt Ethiopia SC.



The major responsibilities of the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP): 

      I.          Drive Organizational Transformation

•        Strategic workforce planning: ensure the company’s workforce has the right size, shape, cost, and agility for the future 

•        Succession planning: select and develop key talent to ensure there are talents to fill in critical roles 

•        Optimizing organizational design to increase productivity and improve performance of the business

•        Working together with management and personnel to solve conflicts and help facilitate positive employee relations, maintain a good working environment, build morale, and decrease unwanted turnover.

•        Implementing reward and recognition interventions to increase bottom-line results and employee engagement 

•        Provide advice and suggestions for culture-related initiatives, such as cultural transformation

•        Helping line managers deal with organizational, people, and change-related issues

•        Implementing reward and recognition interventions to increase bottom-line results and employee engagement 

•        Implement HRM interventions on employee wellness or talent management 

•        Lead employee engagement and climate survey tasks

    II.          Learning and Development

•        Identify training needs and assist the L&D function in aligning training programs with business objectives 

•        Preform Training Need Analysis (TNA) across the company through effective techniques. Identify and communicate Competency, Knowledge, Skill and Attitude gaps found.

•        Propose potential training intervention needed referring to TNA results.

•        Prepare training calendar and ensure in-time delivery of training topics

•        Coordinate inhouse training content developments and executions.

•        Manage and follow-up Post training Measurement Exercise to evaluate the Training Effectiveness

  III.          Performance Management

·        Plan and execute annual performance interviews for relevant roles

·        Design and implement PM method in collaboration with Heads of Department

·        Communication on the performance management system to all the employees

·        Align with the Heads of Departments (HoDs) and drive the importance of Performance driven culture.

·        Identify poor performers and take necessary actions for their development.

  IV.          Effective Talent Development

·        Drive Talent Development by effective training interventions.

·        Align with the Business head and leadership team to Identify the training needs at business/ organizational level

Mentor the training partners in execution of the training interventions



  • Bachelor/ Master in Business Administration, Management, HRM or related field


  •  5 years’ experience in Human Resource functions (preferably in FMCG industry)

Skills Required

•        Strong Communication and presentation skills

•        Self-starter and motivated, capacity to work autonomously and good at problem solving

•        Analysis and Problem Solving

•        Learning Orientation

•        Problem Solving skill

•        People Management and employee relation skill

•        Should have delivered training programs for large audience

•        Fluency in English

N.B. :    Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply for the role. 

As per experience and profile of the candidate


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