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Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 60 countries to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 70 countries to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare.

Main Purpose


Execute administrative tasks and do follow up of project accountancy, according to HF/FIN manager’s indications and MSF procedures, in order to ensure legal compliance and keep a strict control over monetary resources.



•        Execute administrative and legal related tasks, under supervision of the HR/FIN Manager, checking payroll calculations and updating personal files in order to ensure accuracy, compliance and on time payments.

•        Implement cash management procedures in order to ensure the highest control and security and ensure cash availability.

•        Prepare employment contracts in conformity with legal requirements including specific amendments when necessary in order to ensure local labour and fiscal law compliance.

•        Enter data into the HR database and personal files and keep them up to date in order to facilitate HR processes management.

•        Update Social security & Tax office employee files in order to meet legal requirements and duties.

•        Draw up monthly pay slips for all staff, editing and updating the necessary data, in order to ensure the punctuality and accuracy of staff payroll.

•        Draw up the final pay slip and employment certificate at the end of a contract in order to meet legal requirements while defending MSF ’s interests.

•        Follow up all expiring rental contract dates and inform the HR/FIN Manager in order to leave enough time to arrange a renewal or look for some other alternative.

•        Assist the HR/FIN manager in the prevision of monthly treasury and planning in order to ensure the coverage of daily needs, advances on salaries, payroll, etc.

•        Process the payment to suppliers and keep strict on all documentation involved, informing the administration manager of any sort of disparity.

•        Carry out all accounting tasks and activities in order to ensure strict control of all expenditures and the reliability of statements and documentation.

•        Make all administrative information available to the staff (posting, meetings, etc.)

•        Classify and prepare all accounting pieces as requested by the HR/FIN Manager.

•        File the accounting documents and enter the accounting pieces in the accounting software, with the support from the Accounting Manager (ACMA).

•        Support the HR/FIN Manager in translating documents into local language. Assists the HR/FIN Manager in meetings upon request.


Not all the above-mentioned tasks are part of the day by day schedule of this specific position in SNNPR, but they are still required to match the MSF standards job description for HR/FIN assistant.



MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

The HR/FIN assistant will be requested to participate in the management of the admin staff of level 1 and 2 (rosters, leave plan, evaluations, admin stock management).

The HR/FIN assistant will be required a high level of flexibility, due to the unpredictability and the emergency-focused modus operandi of MSF operations.


MSF is an independent, neutral and impartial organization that provides quality medical care free of charge regardless the ethnic origin of our patients, so to both local and refugee population. It’s mandatory that all our staff is aware and respect the cultural differences of our patients and colleagues. The HR/FIN assistant will be requested to embody the MSF concept of humanity, respect and kindness when dealing with colleagues and beneficiaries.

All MSF employees must obey to the Ethiopian Labour Law and the MSF Internal Regulation document. As well as this, they commit to follow and comply with all the MSF fundamental documents (MSF charter, Behavioural Committment and MSF code of conduct). These documents describe the rights and the duties of every MSF employee. Going against the provisions of these documents may lead to disciplinary measures and to dismissal.  Unawareness of these provisions won’t be accepted as an excuse for inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour.


Mandatory: finance, business or administration related diploma.


Mandatory: previous working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs.

Mandatory: good command of Unifield software.

Desirable: good command of Homere software.

Desirable: MSF experience




Mandatory: Amharic C2 and English B1 level.


Mandatory: good computer literacy (word, excel and internet)



•        Results and Quality Orientation L2

•        Teamwork and Cooperation L2

•        Behavioural Flexibility L2

•        Commitment to MSF Principles L2

•        Stress Management L3

•        Service orientation L2

As per the salary scale of the organization


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