Farm Administration & Finance Officer – Jimma (Urgent) – Abeba Gidey Trading House PLC

Accounting and Finance, Human Resource and Recruitment, Purchasing and Procurement

Abeba Gidey Trading House PLC

Main purpose of the job

To lead all activities of the farm’s human resource and Finance geared towards the company’s goals and ensure a cost-effective, collaborative, and efficient service delivery condition and working environment

Main responsibilities

·         Direct and control the staff of the HR and Finance of the farm to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards

·         Provide information and advice on financial management, financial control, and procedures, to the farm manager, corporate finance, and HR head and staff to ensure that the farm’s mission and financial objectives are met

·         Attract, retain and motivate staff and manage the recruitment process and ensure candidates fit the role and company culture

·         Implement HR strategy and deliver customer service within the organization

·         To lead the management, development, and continuous improvement of all human resources related activities including workforce development, strategic HR, and employment services

·         Advise management on HR planning and appropriate employment options

·         Advise management on appropriate HR and Financial approaches to reward and recognition practices

·         Lead the HR development and capacity building program of the company

·         Provide advice, guidance, and support to managers and staff to manage issues of discipline and grievance under company values, policies, and procedures

·         Guide and update the HR management and labor bylaws and manage the company performance and management process to abide and be aligned towards these changes

·         Lead programs that are aimed at improving employee morale and organizational effectiveness.

·         Ensure the provision of efficient and effective general service

·         Implement all the financial and administrative procedures of the company and ensure that these operate effectively and are communicated to all staff of the farm

Job Requirements

Knowledge, skills, and experience required

·         A qualified accountant with at least a BSc degree in financial accounting, business management,and human resource management or related fields

·         At least 5 years work experience in both finance and HR  experience

·         Basic knowledge of accounting IT systems

·         Middle-level managerial experience

·         Excellent interpersonal skills

·         Problem-solving skills

Decision-making skills



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