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Organization structure : Renewable/Hydro Business / Site Installation


Purpose of the Job/Job Mission

The present document defines the typical job of the Site EHS Officer. Provide  support  to  the  Site  EHS  Manager  in  the  implementation  and  maintenance  of  the  Site  EHS Management System.

Supervise site activities to ensure that the defined site EHS rules are complied with.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities


  • Carry out continuous inspections of the site areas (minimum 80 % of the time in the field), treat and
  • report any discrepancy
  • Act immediately on unsafe acts and conditions observed at site
  • Ensure employees are provided with information, instruction and training to follow safe methods of
  • work.
  • Assist the Site EHS Manager in coordinating and controlling activities with respect to EHS,
  • especially wherever interfaces between subcontractors are identified.
  • Assist the Site EHS Manager in ensuring compliance of site activities with the Project Specific EHS
  • Plan, guidelines and work instructions.
  • Support compliance with the site disciplinary procedure and zero tolerance policy.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the site incentive scheme.
  • Participate in the implementation of the site EHS training program by providing EHS inductions and
  • supervising Tool Box Meetings.
  • Provide support and advice to site personnel so as to prevent injury to personnel, damage to plant
  • and equipment, fire.
  • Ensure means for environmental protection are in place.
  • Advise the site personnel on EHS requirements applicable to the site activities.
  • Coordinate activities with the Site EHS Manager, ensuring that EHS requirements are implemented.
  • Contribute to the suitable reporting of EHS issues by actively interacting with the site personnel on
  • EHS matters and by providing the necessary support in addressing such issues.
  • Carry out any other specific task defined by the Site EHS Manager to support the implementation of
  • the site EHS Management System.

Managerial (Budget / Administration / People)

  • Lead by example in complying with the site EHS rules.
  • Issue a daily report of activities whenever required

 Functional/transverse (optional)

  • N/A

Specific Functional/Technical authority (besides DoA):

  • To  intervene  whenever  site  activities  to  not  meet  the  established  EHS  requirements  of  the  risk assessment / method statement.
  • To stop any activity whenever there is an immediate danger.
  • To recommend for take actions in line with the disciplinary procedure and the zero tolerance policy.

Measurement / Key Performance Indicators

  • Level of site compliance with the site EHS rules (Road Map result, AZDP Result, SAPI 1 Result, CM compliance status/ Result, Site inspection reports, etc.)
  •  Reactive and Proactive EHS indicators
  •  EHS Customer satisfaction
  • Toolbox talks delivered by the EHS officer
  •  Proactivity/reactivity during the coordination of emergency situation / EHS Events
  • Any other individual objectives established during the performance review.

Reports directly to: Region Site EHS Manager 

Other reporting to : Site Manager

Other reports : PD/PMSI

Position Requirements – Education, Experience, Competencies

Educational Requirements


  • EHS Qualification recognized by the enforcing authorities in the country of operation  


  • GE- International EHS Passport



  • Either having a 2-year EHS Experience on
  • construction sites  or  holding  a  University
  • Degree in EHS


  • Experience on site performing Erection of all packages or cross functional assignments.
  • Experience in large Construction/ Hydro sites
  • Experience in handling with Statutory Body/Authority. 


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