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Founded over 80 years ago, Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners. Headquartered in the UK, Plan International works in a total of 75 countries in AFRICA, ASIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, and the NORTH AMERICANS

By actively involving children, and working at the grassroots with no religious, political, or governmental affiliation, Plan International unites and inspires people around the globe to transform the world and make positive lasting changes in children’s lives.

Plan International’s first operation in Ethiopia started in Lalibela, in November 1974 and is currently implementing its program in Gambella, Benishangul-Gumuz, Afar, Oromia, Amhara, SNNPR, and Addis Ababa City Administration. Plan International Ethiopia will also continue low presence in Somali and Tigray. Furthermore, if there is a national-level emergency crisis in the country Plan International Ethiopia will respond quickly, effectively, and at a significant scale, even in areas where we are not present.

PURPOSE of the role


Our commitment to gender transformative change in SRHR goes beyond addressing “symptoms” to explicitly tackle the root causes of gender inequality and exclusion, particularly unequal power relations, discriminatory social norms and systems, structures, policies, and practices. Economic empowerement needs to be environmentally sustainable, consider the changing context due to rapidly advancing climate change and support community resilience. . We need toequip youth with knowledge and skills for the future. Therefore advancement of green skills has central importance for Plan’s economic empowerment work

The Economic and Empowerment Coordinator for My Body My Future (MBMF) – 2 project will work closely with the project team, implementing partners and support with coordination of the project at all levels. The employee will provide technical support, capacity building, project planning, implementation, and monitoring of MBMF2 project Economic Empowerment Component to be implemented in Amhara and Oromia PAs at Bahirdar Zuria, Fageta Lekoma and Kersa districts.


Being key member of MBMF2 project team, the Economic Empowerment Coordinator will provide service in the day-to-day implementation and delivery of responsive, effective, and efficient implementation of Smart up factory (enhanced capacities in technology and innovation), VSLAs and associations of local sanitary pad producers which focus on Menstrual health and hygiene component’s project activities . The incumbent is also responsible for ensuring that a gender transformative approach is taken into account in activities and strategies designed and implemented to ensure we tackle the root causes of inequality.

The coordinator will contribute to the development and improvement of the project by collecting and analysing information and monitoring quality within defined standards. The incumbent will support with collation of evidence  under the guidance of more senior technical professionals at PIE to support decisions on project design, and delivery.  The incumbent will engage with the Global Plan International’s SOYEE Network and work closely with Plan International Finland colleagues, including the Regional Technical Specialist – SRHR and Gender, SRHR Specialist, and Gender and Inclusion Specialist to advance the ambition of the project.  The Coordinator will closely work with SOYEE Lead and Innovation Specialist at Plan International Ethiopia level; in order to advance the integration of SOYEE to SRHR programme, to support/strengthen innovation and ensure a strong youth-led approach throughout.


MBMF2 project will be implemented for the period 2022-2025. The Project is a continuation of the previous Finnish MFA-supported program and the impact is that children, adolescents, and youth in all their diversity have control over their bodies and futures in a healthy, safe and supportive environment.. The post-holder will be based in Amhara Program Area in Bahir Dar town.



3. Accountabilities


Support and ensure the effective implementation of  VSLA methodology and training manuals (Integration of VSLA with the project i.e MHH), SOYEE Activities (VSLA,  sanitary pad producer groups, Smartup Factory) and income generating activities as per the plans to advance gender transformative SRHR.

Planning, Strategy and Policy(5%)

·         Knowledge of human centred design or willingness to get acquainted for practical experience

·         Develop and Adopt relevant training manuals on MHH/ production of quality reusable sanitary pads, green skills and VSLA methodology, financial literacy and practices for target beneficiaries and lead in facilitating training.

·         Support the sharing of information and learning across SOYEE-related programs.

·         Ability to conduct desk research and identify best practices and lessons learned directly linked to innovatins in production, marketing and distribution of local sanitary pad

Programme and Project Design and Infulence( 60%)

·         Drive innovation and use of modern technologies such as mobile phones to improve research, foster learning/best practices including sharing and improving impact

·         Lead & perform the overall implementation of MBMF2 VSLA and MHH, Smartup Factory, IGAs component and take the lead in successful project delivery as per the standards, donor agreement and Plan’s guidelines and agreed implementation strategy.

·         Involve in identification and selection of reusable sanitary pad association members while implementing partners are started doing it to benefit from the associations and other formal/informal financial support activities as outlined in the project document, and ensure relevant monitoring is done throughout the project.

·         Establish/strengthen VSLA and local reusable sanitary pad associations in collaboration with implementing partners, train them and skill back up to them by continuous follow up & support with special focus on saving, production of reusable sanitary pad and underwear, networking and reusable sanitary pad marketing and business skills.

·         Ensure all  youth participation in SOYEE activities beneficiaries at the target districts are properly mentored and supported throughout the project period.

·         Participate in periodic project review and planning meetings; and external meetings as often as requested by the MBMF2 Project Manager or APA PAM

·         Provide technical support to youth groups in designing innovative business ideas with contemporary, contextual and relevant realities. 

·         Implementing strategies to support youth-led activism at the grassroots level

·         Conduct monthly supportive supervision and monitoring visit on Local sanitary pad associations and Smartup Factory to check the functionality of the group and the management of the overall production of the pads

·         Any other tasks as may be required for operational support directed by the line manager or designate. Identifies and liase with PIE SOYEE Knwledge Management (KM) HUB on key learning agenda questions on youth development.

·         Lead the scaling up the Smartup Factories into new locations in the programme area

·         Collaborate with Smartup Factory project in Uganda.

·         Collaborate with Smartup Uganda and SRHR specialists in revising the  Smartup curriculum


Partnership and resource mobilization (5%)

·         Ensure strong linkages with Community level structures, Woreda and Kebele government partners, and other implementing partners

·         Take a lead in the development of new Youth Employment and Skill Development concept note preparation & proposal designing.

·         Represent MBMF2 Project in sectoral coordination at district, zonal, regional levels and with the technical authorities.


Quality Improvement and Standards (15%)

·         Conduct field visits to assess, implement and monitor all activities planned under MBMF2 SOYEE components focus areas which includes but not limited to business and financial management status of both Local Sanitary Pad association (LSP) and Village Saving and Loan Association(VSLA).

·         Work with Implementing partners (IP) and LSP on getting quality raw materials for reusable sanitary pads and networking at the target district’s and other towns

·         Work with IP to erect the building of production center and fulfilling important materials for Local reusable sanitary pad association

·         Ensure that the production of reusable sanitary pad and underwear’s are highly qualified for the consumers in the country

·         Conduct regular field monitoring visits to provide support to partners and to ensure program’s quality and impact.

·         Ensure the integration of a gender transformative and inclusive approach and climate resilience   in all stages of the project activity implementation.

·         Prepare and develop annual and quarterly work plans and project plans in consultation with appropriate stakeholder’s and IPs

·         Monitor expenditure on a monthly basis to ensure spending is on track, and ensure forecasts are updated based on activities and in compliance with donor regulations.

·         Prepare programmatic reports for donor, government and the country office as required.


Capacity Building (15%)

·         Provide close technical support to implementing partners on planning and implementing activities related with MHH, VSLA and Smartup Factory in the business and financial management training and work with IP to organize the training in cooperation with concerned government offices at woreda level and other team members. 

·         Support the development and contribute to the implementation of the project’s strategies, standards, tools and best practices in youth trainings that effectively engage partners such as TVETs, Youth Centers, One-stop  Centers and other stakeholders.

Skills and Knowledge

·         Master’s or First degree in Social science, health, Marketing, economics, Entrepreneurship, Rural Development or related fields

·         Minimum 4 years for BSc & 2 years for MSc holders with relevant field experience in economic empowerment work under SRHR projects focusing on exposure to gender transfroamtive approaches.

·         Good understanding about key concepts of gender equality and inclusion mainstreaming, including how gender norms influence children and youth throughout their life-course, girls’ and young women’s agency for increasing impact, work with boys, young men and men to embrace positive masculinities, consideration for children and youth in all their diversity as well as the importance to improve both the conditions (daily needs) and the social position (value or status) of girls and young women in society.

·         Technical experience and knowledge in the area of VSLA: Village Saving and Loan Association, Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment, Youth Innovative Program and production of reusable sanitary pads and on menstrual health and hygiene.

·         Skills or training in basic bookkeeping or financial literacy is desirable.

·         Practical experience on economic empowerment and livelihood thematic areas, especially youth employment and empowerment, innovation and green skills

·         Prior experience working with local governments and stakeholders in implementation of projects, including hands-on community mobilization skills.

·         Experience working with local NGOs and partners in the implementation of programs and support in institutional development.


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