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The International Rescue Committee is a nonprofit organization that responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future. In more than 40 countries and over 20 U.S. cities, our dedicated teams provide clean water, shelter, health care, education and empowerment support to refugees and displaced people.  

The IRC will put in place high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis. We'll also use our learning and experience to shape humanitarian policy and practice in ways that improve the lives of more people worldwide. And in all of our work we will focus on breaking down each of the barriers faced by women and girls


The International Rescue Committee, one of the world’s largest humanitarian international NGOs, provides relief, rehabilitation, and development support to vulnerable people and communities over 30 countries. We began work in Ethiopia in 2000 in response to severe drought in Ethiopia’s Somali region and are currently providing assistance to Ethiopians and refugees in six regions in Ethiopia, implementing emergency and development programs in health, water and sanitation, economic recovery and development (ERD), women’s protection and empowerment, education, child protection, and multi-sectoral emergency response.

Job Overview/Summary: 

Under the direct supervision of Assosa based Field Coordinator, the Camp Manger is responsible for overall coordination and management of all IRC programs and operations at designated refugee camp (s) and the surrounding Host community areas. The Camp Manager provides supports to camp based staff and responsible for overseeing of staff management, financial management, Supply chain management, communication & reporting management, grant management, safety, and security risk managements; and plays a representation role on different meetings and forums conducted in the area. The Camp Manager ensures the compliance of the camp operation and programs to be as per the IRC, donor and government procedures, rules and regulations; assist the assessment of program quality and effectiveness and providing guidance and support to program and operation staff at designated refugee camp (s). Also work closely with with key donor such as HCR and key partner such as RRS, as well as other Implementing partners (IPs), refugee and local government representatives and service providers and establish good work relation and partnership with all stakeholders.

Major responsibilities include:

Supply chain

  • For the camp based programs/ projects, approve the purchase requests, purchase orders, contract agreements, internal and external commitments, store releases (except assets) and payments up to the authorization thresh hold level delegated by the country director.
  • Ensure the camp level procurement system regularly complies with IRC, donor and government protocols, SOPs, rules and regulations. This involves effective communication and working relations with technical/program managers, support sector heads and FdC to ensure planned and timely procurements and payments.
  • Ensure that the Supply chain team works with procurement plans, lead time and authorized with ATC for suppliers.
  • Regularly monitor the camp office warehouse/store management by using warehouse monitoring tools like conducting spot checks, bi-monthly cycle counts, and reviewing of warehouse inventory reports, ensuring of the safety and security of the warehouse.
  • Control IRC supplies and assets, and report to Field or country office regarding any misuse, theft or damage to IRC properties as soon as possible.
  • In collaboration with the supply chain team and program managers, ensure planned and equitable allocation of IRC resources (facilities, equipment, vehicles) is in place.
  • Ensure that supply chain team regularly maintains the IRC property like vehicles, and other equipment as per the IRC operations and maintenance protocols.
  • In collaboration with supply chain team and program managers, oversee the proper documentation of asset/equipment and its survey as per set timelines, submit asset disposal and stock adjustment plans to the field office.
  • Make sure that quarter, semiannual and annual inventories were conducted at the camp office level as per the schedule directed by country supply chain coordinator.
  • Make sure good work relationships were maintained between the camp office, field office and Addis SC team.
  • Make sure all resources are utilized properly, trucked and reported consistently. 
  • Follow and make timely servicing and maintenance of IRC vehicles, including motorbikes, to ensure staff safety and long service of the vehicles and motorbikes.
  • Closely monitor camp office program team and operation team for timely action for PR Audit Log report and related action points.

Human Resource Management

  • Making sure that IRC staff personnel policy, the IRC WAY (professional code of conduct) and all other organizational policies are respected and practiced properly in the satellite office in close collaboration with the concerned body and make sure that sound decision is made on breaches and appropriate measures are taken in timely manner. 
  • Manage camp office based sector staff and ensure that staffs performance management process/PMP (objectives setting, midterm evaluation and final evaluation) are done timely following the right PMP guide line procedures.
  • Check if staff are aware of how to raise concerns and also has clear understanding about the IRC professional code of conduct, IRC zero tolerance policies, IRC mission, strategic action plans; their roles, responsibilities, and refresh them regularly.
  • Maintain system and IRC best practices for regular staff performance evaluation, and assist the office in developing a framework for staff career development (coaching and training) at least twice per year
  • Ensure camp based staffs are onboard in a timely manner by applying standard procedures for staff recruitment and providing necessary supports for the recruitment team in Addis and in the field office in this regard.
  • Provide regular counseling and support in resolution of employee work place conflict and Propose and/or take corrective measures within IRC’s personnel policies as necessary.
  • Authorize staff in the mandated camp (s) when travelling out of their duty stations for IRC business as per the IRC personnel policy, procedures and guidelines.
  • Make sure that staff and client responsive and reporting mechanizes for any concerns and complains are established and are addressed in proper manner
  • Supervise program and operation department heads under the camp office (s).
  • Conduct a regular 1 to 1 meeting with camp office team and discuss on priorities, challenges and share the discussion minutes for the FC and technical supervisor based in Addis and also make sure the 1 to 1 discussion conducted between the supervisor and direct report in the department at the satellite office level.
  • Conduct regular management meeting at camp level, put action points share the minute to the FC and relevant bodies and closely monitor the implementation of agreed action points.
  • Coordinate with FO HR/Admin department and follow timely completion of new staff orientation and mandatory trainings related to gender equality, safeguarding, PSEA, ASH, Fraud Prevention and Safety and Security.

Financial management

  • Ensure appropriate cash management system is implemented in camp office (s). This includes cash transfer, payment system and proper handling of the field level petty cash and cash in office mechanisms, bank account management and risk management related to cash. 
  • Follow up the timely submission of cash projection by respective program and support sector representatives, field or project staff’s payment sheet, supplier’s payment, contractor’s payment, construction labor cost and daily laborers’ sheet, etc, for timely action by the camp office finance department.
  • Approve all payments (procurement, travel disbursements, staffs’ incentive, daily laborers sheet) up to the camp manager’s approval threshold level.
  • Verify/review all payments beyond the camp manager authority level before they are reviewed by finance and approved by the Field office or CO.
  • Review and ensure field based financial reports are accurate and meet IRC and donor reporting requirements.
  • Facilitate and Coordinate BVA review with program and operation teams at camp office (s) level and share the feedback at 20th of every month.
  • Strongly work in coordination with program team, SC team and finance team for a regular BVA cleaning.
  • Involve on different budget analysis exercise for the camp office grants whenever requested by the FO.

Program and grant Management:

  • Make sure that Work plan, spending plan and procurement plans are developed, reviewed and shared to the concerned body on time.
  • Actively take part in the project cycle meetings (PDM, POM, PIM, and PCM & PLM) are conducted in regular bases for each project.
  • In coordination with FO & Addis TUs, ensure that all the IRC projects are implemented in accordance with IRC Program Framework and support that implementation follows the core programming principles.
  • Provide administrative support and oversee the program implementation on daily basis; assist staff to implement sector specific monitoring and evaluation plans.
  • Provide administrative, operational and logistical assistance to all programs team to ensure planned trainings, workshops and awareness raising events are conducted as required.
  • Provide input on operational, administrative and human resource needs during proposal design and program development.
  • Assist and follow up program staffs to ensure clients and key stakeholders are involved in the design, implementation, Monitoring and evaluation of all IRC programs.
  • Follow and monitor the program material supply at site are properly used per the intended purpose by program staff and conduct regular field visit.
  • Play the budget holder role for all grants managed under the camp office (s) and follow up and support the program and operation managers to properly manage their budget within the time line and oversee the project are smoothly implemented as per the initial project log frame, schedule budget and the required indicators are met.
  • Oversee that the program staffs to ensure client communities are involved in the design, implementation, Monitoring and evaluation of all IRC programs and program deliverables are achieved with best use of resource and compliance.
  • Ensure timely submission of camp level mandatory reports (sector reports, management, donor and government reports).
  • Frequently do field monitoring visits and provide feedbacks with key action points and make close follow up on action points.
  • Make sure all the reports (internal and externals) are developed accurately and submitted on or before their due dates.  

Representation and Coordination:

  • Represent IRC from duty station at the mandated camp office (s) or project office (s). The tasks include serve as focal person for any information shared with or received from field level agencies and surrounding community representatives; prepare and report required updates and regular reports on all IRC activities to agencies and donor (s); assist the field office in facilitating donor monitoring visits.
  • Actively pursue good coordination and working relationships with relevant actors, government (RRS, local administration), Donor, UN agencies and implementing local and international partners (IPs), and host/local community representatives and informal leaders.
  • Participate at camp level inter-agency meetings; facilitate regular meetings with field leaders, field level IPs, local authorities and other community based associations as necessary to foster good will and support for all program activities.
  • Maintain office records and, disseminate information and correspondence from field office, IRC Addis, IPs, donors to all operation and program staff in the field and vice-versa.
  • Play the coordination role between the field office program and operation departments, between the field office and the country office, between the camp office and externals at woreda level.
  • Establish smooth and effective communication with key stakeholders in the region and make sure the proper information management in the camp office (s).
  • Make sure that the IRC good reputation is developed with quality work in all aspects and the organization developed good relationship and acceptance in the camp (s).
  • Actively participate in the FO monthly management meeting and work on the agreed action points.

Humanitarian Safety and Security risk management

  •  Update the camp office safety and security risk management plan by involving the concerned bodies, provide on arrival safety and security briefing for newly hired staff, travelers and visitors; facilitate safety and security related trainings for the staff under the camp office (s) and  work on the implementation of the plan.
  • Monitor security/safety situation in the designated camp office (s) context, and ensure incidents are reported to the SS officer, FC, SSC, DO and CD as needed for further analysis and planning and implementation of safety and security mitigation measures.
  • Ensure the Security management plan, Security Risk assessment Analyses, Standard operation procedures and Contingency Plans are developed, updated timely and used properly.
  • Support the SS team in developing /adapting standard local context specific vehicle safety policies and assure that they are consistently implemented in collaboration with camp logistics focal person.
  • Conduct regular discussions with key staffs to identify and determine approaches to address staff wellness, gender equality and make sure the working environment are safe and comfortable.
  • Ensure all camp-based staffs understand IRC Ethiopia Health and Insurance Policy and utilize insurance provisions in collaboration with field Admin/HR person.
  • Assess, design and implement different ways of improving IRC field or project office environment in consultation with the camp staff and field office.  Adapt and develop site specific IRC compound management protocols.


§  Provides a clear sense of direction, leads by example and demonstrates the ability to carry out the organization’s vision; assists others to realize and develop their potential.

§  Empowering others & building trust by creating an atmosphere of trust and an enabling environment where staff can contribute their best and develop their potential.

§  Work strategically to realize the Organization’s goals and communicates a clear strategic direction of the field office.

§  Encourage key staff to participate in problem solving and in the decision making process. Monitor and address work related conflicts in consultation with the field coordinator and other concerned bodies. 

§  Exercise reasonable level of delegation of roles to key staffs. 

§  Maintain a system to strengthen inter-departmental collaboration by facilitating action oriented sector specific and regular staff meetings.

§  Preserve close, open and professional relationships with all staff and stakeholders.

Key Working Relationship:

·   The Camp Manager will directly report to the Field Coordinator, and she/he works in collaboration with fellow IRC program managers, and field level support sector heads and other stakeholders.

  • Possess skills acquired through formal education (total 4 years related experience with postgraduate or with first degree respectively.
  • At least 4 years management experience.
  • Experience working in diversified team.

Skills required:

  • Proven leadership skills.
  • Computer literate.


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